Our story

BMB Studio Pty (Ltd)

Is one of the best and most affordable IT company founded in 2017. Our team consists of professional website designers, passionate graphic designers, and software developers who strive to provide our client’s award-winning web design solutions that drive real results. Our team has extensive knowledge in all aspects of Information Communication Technology.


To provide high quality, professional and complete creative services in all design & communication fields including:
Graphic Design   /  Advertising  /  Branding  /  Packaging  /  Promotional Materials Design & Supply /  Photography  /  Strategic Marketing  /  Multimedia  /  Web Design, Development & Hosting  /  Interiors Design.


Our focus on the future is to provide the business
market in the region as well as in the world with our outstanding
solutions that would grow the business and our clients’ success.


BMB Studio  highly values
Creativity” in its services and products,
Cooperation” within the team and with our clients,
Commitment” to excellence, and
Customer Satisfaction“.


 Team members share their enthusiasm and commitment to building excellence. Experienced, qualified, and professional BMB studio designers, illustrators, and content creators are uniquely selected. This multicultural skills base gives us tools to meet the demands of global players as well as our local clientele.

Why choose us?


Our designs are innovative and skilled. We can bring something unique, a kind of depth and creativeness, to your project and show you an advanced and innovative world.


BMB studio has been trusted to deliver absolute premium services and professionalism. We engage in quality control and focus on testing, checking, and reviewing the standard of our work at every stage prudently to ensure premium quality in all our services.


No matter how large or small your project, or how tight the deadline or budget, BMB studio focuses on every detail. We build a customer-centered partnership from start to finish.


BMB Studio has built a sound reputation as a dependable source with our guarantee of a successful outcome. We grow Your Trust!


With more than 5 years of experience in the fields of Graphic Design, Web design Development and Hosting, and more, the BMB studio’s experts and creative team always supply distinctive results.

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Bridge Office Park 3rd
570 Fehrsen St, Brooklyn
Pretoria, 0181

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 8AM - 5PM